Your Shade Your Way Winter’s chill and cold temperatures seem to be mostly (hopefully) behind us. Warmer weather, longer days, sweet spring breezes and bright sun are here to stay.. Soon enough, we’ll be enjoying our outdoor spaces with friends and family. The best way to maximize that time and escape harmful, dangerous UV rays...
    Beat the Heat and Get Out of the Sun With Outdoor Shade Options from Shade Tree There isn’t much better in life than enjoying a warm summer day on your back deck or patio. Throw in a cool beverage and some good music and you are living your best life. Everything is great, except for...
    Benefits of Investing in Shadetree Products During the Winter Months Winter is here! The snowy landscape is beautiful and evocative of memories from days past, especially during the holidays. Many of our home or business remodeling projects have taken a backseat to the seasonal festivities, and with good reason – the winter weather isn’t exactly...
    There’s a certain peacefulness that can only be achieved when lounging in your own backyard. Whether you’re reading a book, spending time with friends and family, or just enjoying the outdoors, it’s a level of zen that cannot be found anywhere else. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible. There are scorching hot days where even a...
    There are few things better than lounging in the shade during a warm summer afternoon. But shade does more than make it easier to nap in the heat!  Shade offers a variety of benefits to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, from offering sanctuary from the heat to providing shelter from harmful UV rays. Learn...
    Pergolas are a beautiful addition to any property. Whether they’re free-standing in a backyard or attached to a patio, they create a comfortable space that’s perfect for the whole family. However, while pergolas were originally created to provide outdoor shade, recent usage has seen them with open tops that let the sun shine through. At...
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    About Shadetree Canopies

    Shadetree Canopies are an economical way to shade your deck or patio that also adds value, excitement and hours of enjoyment to your outdoor living space… Attractive and flexible retractable shade for your deck or patio that also adds value and hours of enjoyment to your home.

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