What is the Difference Between Canopies & Awnings?

Canopies and awnings are both fantastic additions to a property, and neither is better than the other. Despite their many similarities, canopies and awnings have fundamental differences that people should know before purchasing one for their home or business. They both block out the weather and share many of the same benefits, yet construction, material, […]

The Value of a Shadetree Canopy System

One of the biggest oversight about ShadeTree canopies is about their overall value. It’s easy to look at a ShadeTree outdoor canopy and dismiss it as just shade. But a quality ShadeTree canopy has much more to offer you than simply a cool spot to sit outside. They create value, save you money, and provide […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Canopies

Are your summers controlled by the heat of the sun? We would all like to spend more time outside, but it’s no secret that the heat can quell this desire. Depending on where you live, the heat can have a minimal or drastic impact on how much time you spend outside. Retractable canopies solve this […]

Creating an Outdoor Dining Space with Commercial Canopies.

With the recent pandemic, outdoor dining areas are more in demand than ever before. These spaces help grow your business through increased seating capacity and a more inclusive brand image. In addition, retractable and fixed awnings give your restaurant the perfect all-weather space to host events and accommodate guests’ preferences. Shade Tree Canopies has everything […]

Skincancer Awerness Month

Stay in the Shade: Skin Care Matters! Did you know that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month? Skin cancer is America’s most common cancer. Over 5 million cases are diagnosed every year. That’s a scary number that should give us all pause. The good news is that healthcare experts say most forms of skin cancer […]

The Made In The ShadeTree Process

Your Shade Your Way Winter’s chill and cold temperatures seem to be mostly (hopefully) behind us. Warmer weather, longer days, sweet spring breezes and bright sun are here to stay.. Soon enough, we’ll be enjoying our outdoor spaces with friends and family. The best way to maximize that time and escape harmful, dangerous UV rays […]

What outdoor shade options are right for you?

Beat the Heat and Get Out of the Sun With Outdoor Shade Options from Shade Tree There isn’t much better in life than enjoying a warm summer day on your back deck or patio. Throw in a cool beverage and some good music and you are living your best life. Everything is great, except for […]

Why You Should Invest in Shade in the Winter

Benefits of Investing in Shadetree Products During the Winter Months Winter is here! The snowy landscape is beautiful and evocative of memories from days past, especially during the holidays. Many of our home or business remodeling projects have taken a backseat to the seasonal festivities, and with good reason – the winter weather isn’t exactly […]

What is a Louvered Roof?

There’s a certain peacefulness that can only be achieved when lounging in your own backyard. Whether you’re reading a book, spending time with friends and family, or just enjoying the outdoors, it’s a level of zen that cannot be found anywhere else. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible. There are scorching hot days where even a […]

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